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The whisper of a promise bound in tradition, the ethereal chanting of verses, a midst , a shower of flowers that mystically seal a bond anointed by the heavens.The sound of the conch that resonates through time to create a priceless memory symbolically forged over a purifying fire – a witness to a ceremony as old as man itself. A dream brought to life amidst a setting inspired by a fairytale. Sirius Luxury Affairs offers those planning an wedding, an exhilarating blend of élan, extravagance and the modern day aficionado’s penchant for luxury. Like a page out of a self- written fable. Sirius Luxury Affairs presents bespoke comprehensive wedding solutions that celebrate the most important day of your life. Apart from weddings, Sirius Luxury affairs presents comprehensive solutions for all sorts of events that you plan to host. Our Bespoke approach ensures that your events transpire your personal style, elegance and class apart patterns.


Managing Partners

Shabnam Singhal

She's an entrepreneur having over two decades of experience in marketing and product development in varied fields of the group companies i.e. Sirius D & E, Biotech International ltd, Chemicals International ltd, Vipps india and Computronics International Ltd. Having received various awards Singhal is responsible for overall leadership, strategy and expansion of Sirius as a Managing Partner. Sirius D & E is the only company in India to have an exclusive mandate for Delhi One Luxury retail(Four Seasons Luxury Retail) and now mandated for Four Seasons Pvt Residences and various other luxury hotels and malls. Under Singhal’s leadership Sirius has pioneered the luxury real estate in India is now diversified into the exclusive realm of luxury events with Sirius luxury affairs.


BHARAT ATWAL, whohails from one of India's oldest and most renowned business families with interests in coal and mining, has a passion for experiential luxury which informs the SIRUS brand of bespoke solutions. He also runs one of Delhi's most successful public relations firms, Quotient, representing brands of the stature of Raffles, Fairmont, Christie's, F1, Audi and Porsche to name a few. The former KPMG consultant marries astute brand development skills with a flair for the creative and indulgent. He has diverse experience in fields ranging from corporate consultancy at KPMG, overseeing family interests in the coal industry, and running a successful public relations firm that services high-profile corporate and lifestyle clients. Beyond his expertise in customer engagement, Bharat’s passion for experiential luxury informs the SIRIUS brand of bespoke solutions.